Additional Services

SeaReg offers a wide selection of additional options including Attendee Cruise Registration, Transportation, Excursion Management, Pierside Assistance and Onboard Support.

  • Registration services include a customized online registration site and the collection of attendee information needed for sailing (i.e. passport data, DOB, legal name).
  • Registration site can be customized based on client needs (i.e. multi language, custom branding, etc.)
  • Dedicated staff to manage customer support issues
  • Transportation for VIP, staff and attendees to and from airports and hotels
  • Pre and post excursion management (i.e. city tours, team building)
  • Pier support on date of embarkment for VIP, staff and attendee management
  • Onsite sailing with groups to assist with cabin and roommate changes, cabin upgrades and liaising with cruise staff
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