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Challenge: A client had chartered a full ship cruise for seven days as an incentive trip for their attendees. They divided the 7-day cruise into two cruises, a 3-day cruise and a 4-day cruise, each with separate databases. The client allowed attendees to sail on one or both cruises which meant they could cruise for a 3-day, 4-day or 7-day cruise. The challenge was assigning the 7-day cruisers the same cabin for both cruises provided they had the same cabin mate. A second challenge was filling the cruise to capacity because the incentive was only offered for the 3-day cruise and the client needed attendees to purchase an upgrade for the remaining 4-night cabins.

Solution: SeaReg audited the 3-day and 4-day database to “find” our 7-day cruisers. We then created a third database for all attendees, VIPs and staff cruising for a full seven days. Our team worked closely with the cruise liaison to ensure the 7-day passengers remained in the same cabin for the entire week.

Result: We guaranteed that the attendees cruising for seven days remained in the same cabin. The client was very pleased with a smooth transition between the two cruises for their attendees. As a result, more attendees purchased the 4-day cruise and revenue increased.

Pairing Roommates by Specific Demographics

Challenge: A membership based client chartered a full cruise ship for an incentive trip. The members could earn a free half cabin on the cruise and were to be automatically paired with a roommate upon their request. The logistical challenge was pairing over 2,000 people in 112 potential categories including gender, age and member level. The client also required onboard support to accommodate roommate change requests.

Solution: During the registration process, SeaReg required answers to multiple questions to determine specific categories for ideal rooming. For example, one category was female, age 21-30 and level 3 member. This data allowed us to accurately pair members who requested to be assigned a roommate.

Result: All members who requested automatic roommate pairing were accommodated and the SeaReg staff successfully managed additional cabin/roommate changes while onboard.

Distributor and Guest Cabin Placement

Challenge: A direct selling client secured a full ship charter as an incentive cruise for their top sales distributors. Cabin placement was based on registration details, pricing structure and distributor level.The higher the distributor level, the better the cabin placement on the ship. An additional challenge was to ensure that guests of the distributors were assigned in cabins next to them.

Solution: SeaReg was hired to manage registration, cabin assignments and the passenger manifest. Our team worked closely with the client to learn about their distributor levels and past registration processes. We explained how the cruise process differs from a land based event. Using registration data and client criteria for location and priority, SeaReg accomplished a complex process of assigning cabins for distributors and guests.

Result: By communicating at all levels and working closely with the client and the cruise ship staff, all cabin placements were successfully assigned. By alleviating the client’s staff time, they were able to focus on the additional important details for the event. The client was extremely satisfied that staff time decreased and revenue increased due to the higher guest attendance.

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